Quant Principle Welcomes You!

Quant Principle (QP) is a company engaged in teaching all aspects of investing and financial engineering. Specifically QP is focused on educating all levels of investors from high school through professional MBA programs about the sophisticated and sometimes mathematically rigorous world of financial derivatives.

QP also creates investment clubs and investment strategy teams which use the theoretical principles of quantitative finance for investing or simulating investing via investment games.

If you are an educator and would like to get information or brochures about QPs offerings please contact "q.boiler" -at- 'QuantPrinciple.com'.

Start Small Investment Clubs

With as little as $50 dollars per month to invest, you can join an investment club and be a member of a team of investors working to build complex derivative based investment strategies.  The best benefit of all is that, as your strategies build wealth, your investment will grow.


Whether you are a top tier MBA program or a high school with a desire to integrate finance into a class on investing or accounting.  QP can provide an environment for you.  QP can also assist in more mechanical "back office" topics such as Mutual Fund Accounting or Hedge Fund Accounting.  QP allows for several different accounting rules within its simulation software.


Quant Principle has investment challenges.  If you think you have a good strategy, or just want to see how others do, try out the quant principle investment challenge. Fill out the info form at the contacts page Investment Challenge.